Published September 11th, 2017 by Test

1. We're all sinners. Just because we're saved doesn't mean we don't do sinful thinks any more. Our choices and actions only contribute to the mess.

2. Some people are still non believers. Even Jesus had a non believer among His twelve, messy people are among us.

3. All of Us are in process. God is daily conforming us to the image of His son (Rom8:29) That means that we all have room for improvement and none of us has reached the goal.

4. There's an enemy in our midst.

Satan has attacked the people of God from the beginning, even striving to cause interpersonal conflict and false teaching. He's a master mess maker.

5. You and I are there. I could have listed this reason as #1 and stopped there in making my point . I'm messy. You're messy. in Fact, be honest: we're actually messier than our church family usually knows.

Here's the good new, though. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ- the church for whom Jesus died- is still mysterious, magnificent, and miraculous. Some times it could be a mess but it's a beautiful one.

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